Customer Service Surveys

Communicate with your client base and be sure that you’re spending your money wisely

The customer satisfaction survey software, Survey Tools for Windows, will help you make it happen:

Only with a customer satisfaction survey can you be sure to answer to all your clients’ needs and expectations, thereby making sure your organization is seen as the top provider in your field.

Survey Tools for Windows will help you at every point along the road to comprehensive and successful customer satisfaction survey implementation, from writing your survey to analyzing its results. You’ll immediately see how your clients feel about your product and services, and how you can improve your organization to make them happier.Client satisfaction – the door to increased sales and profit

Fully functional working demo – and our money back guarantee

Feel free to try our demo version at no risk to explore our employee survey software. In case you’re still unsure, Survey Tools for Windows comes with a six month, no-risk, money-back guarantee. We should warn you though – we’ve never had a return from a dissatisfied customer.


The basic Survey Tools for Windows package is $695. The basic package includes the CD, manual, over 1,500 sample questions for employee, customer and 360 degree feedback surveys, free telephone support, and the capacity to survey 100 respondents. Additional capacity is $75 per 100 respondents. For consultants and organizations that collect the data of thousands of respondents there is an unlimited use version.


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