360 Degree Feedback Surveys

Make sure your managers know how to delegate, motivate, and cooperate with their teams so your organization can function optimally

With the 360-degree feedback in Survey Tools for Windows you’ll easily:

  • Develop complete employee surveys effortlessly
  • Capture your survey data quickly
  • Produce comprehensive graphs and tables in minutes
  • Obtain the information you need to increase employee morale, productivity and quality

OVER 50%
of employees’ problems relate to their management

360-degree surveys will let your employees voice any concerns they have about your management. This insight will help managers become more effective and lead to an organization where everyone is working together to realize your goals.

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Your business is only as strong as your people – and your people only as strong as their managers.

Your managers may already receive feedback from their superiors, but the only way to have a complete assessment of your managers’ skills and weaknesses is to ask those who work directly alongside and under them. 360-degree feedback surveys will provide you with exactly this information, designed specifically to give managers feedback on how their employees and colleagues perceive them.

Survey Tools for Windows allows a manager to create custom surveys to record self-perceptions and the perceptions of peers and subordinates regarding their traits, skills and competencies. The 360-degree survey component includes a comprehensive database of over 500 questions covering 49 managerial competencies. The databases are fully customizable, competencies and questions may be added, modified or deleted.

Money back guarantee

Feel free to try our demo version at no risk to explore our 360 degree feedback survey software. In case you’re still unsure, Survey Tools for Windows comes with a six month, no-risk, money-back guarantee. We should warn you though – we’ve never had a return from a dissatisfied customer.