Six months. Far longer than any of our competitors and to date with thousands of clients we have had no returns.

Minor upgrades are free and easily downloaded from within the software with one click. Major new versions are free for Survey Tools for Windows clients but not for Survey Genie clients.

Toll free technical support is guaranteed for 90 days in the case of the Survey Genie and the Survey Genie – Gold. The support is unlimited in the case of Survey Tools for Windows.

See our Product Comparison chart and take the web survey there for a fast answer to this question.

Yes. The reports are in PDF format and can be e-mailed as attachments or even displayed on a web site.

With Survey Tools for Windows you can easily export both the raw data and the analyzed data to Excel, statistical software and many other software products.

The Analysis Wizard allows you to quickly and easily create bar graphs and tables for individual questions and/or by topic. Data can be broken out by demographic sub group and compared to the organization means. You can produce listings of open-ended responses and these are searchable. As well, graphs showing changes over time are easily produced. To really see what you can do you should download our demo.

No, but there is a charge of $75 per 100 respondents after the first 100. There are no per respondent charges for the Survey Genie or the Survey Genie – Gold but those products have fewer features than Survey Tools for Windows. See our Product Comparison for a full list of all the differences.

No, but we recommend that you keep the patience of your respondents in mind and do not ask an excessive number of questions. Our manual provides guidance on this issue and many other issues related to conducting employee surveys and customer surveys. Our survey related articles section also has a wealth of articles with tips on doing employee surveys, 360 degree feedback surveys and customer surveys.

You can administer surveys on paper, disk, and/or over a LAN. You can also do e-mail and web surveys (intranet or internet). Find out more…

Yes, all our survey software products allow you to add your own questions and to modify the questions already in our databases. Survey creation is very easy.

If you want to use a survey that you have already designed with minimum or no changes, you probably can wth Survey Tools for Windows. It is very flexible. In particular in allows you to build your own custom answer scales, permits “choose all that apply questions”, open-ended questions, and an unlimited number of non-attitudinal or demographic questions. You can also add text sections between blocks of questions, an introduction and closing text.

Our first survey software product was released in 1990. Since then we have listened to our clients suggestions and continually improved the software in an effort to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. We think it is very easy to learn and use and our clients seem to agree.

First, try our Support Page. You can e-mail any questions to Or you can call us at (514) 483-6954 or toll free at (888) 725-9392.

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