We are often asked what the keys to a successful employee survey are. For a general employee attitude survey the following are the points which are the most crucial. Follow all of the guidelines and your survey effort will generate maximum benefits:

  • Rationale – Communicate clearly the company’s reasons for doing the survey (the main one should be to identify and solve problems in the workplace).
  • Anonymity – Use a process that ensures that your employees responses are anonymous, don’t ask too many demographic questions or you will be able to identify individuals.
  • Feedback – Promise prompt feedback of both the findings and the steps the company plans to take to address the issues raised. Then provide that feedback within one month of the completion of the survey.
  • Action – Follow through and implement the changes that you have promised.
  • Repetition – Repeat the survey at least annually and track progress.
  • Software – Use Survey Tools for Windows.

As a client of ours, you are entitled to free telephone support. So take advantage and call if you have any questions about any aspect of the survey process. We are always glad to help.

Written by William Steinberg Ph.D.