Staff Cohesion

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It is important for leaders to adhere to all the principles of team building. In a sense, they are their own mini-team. Take time when selecting members of your group because they will determine the collective potential the team has. These are very important decisions and should be thought out. [...]

360 Degree Feedback Surveys – Getting Started

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The following tips are from 360 Feedback by John E. Jones, Ph.D. and William L. Bearley, Ed.D. Drs. Jones and Bearley are experienced professors and consultants who have done substantial work in the field of employee surveys and 360° feedback with numerous public and private organizations. Easy-to-Sell Options One-on-one consultations [...]

Is 360 Degree Feedback a Fad?

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You can hardly open a business or HR publication without finding an article on 360° Feedback. There are numerous seminars and conferences on the topic. Moreover, a number of excellent books on the subject have been published recently. At a recent gathering of HR professionals (from mid-size and large organizations) [...]

Two Models for 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

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We are often asked to explain the difference between MSAT (MSAT - Managerial Self-Assessment Tool is the 360 degree feedback component of our survey software, Survey Tools for Windows) and a Managerial Practices Survey. Both involve the assessment of managers by peers, subordinates and the manager's self-assessment. Both use the [...]

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